ViewFish Templating


You can also manipulate the variable using piped functions, e.g. {{variable|function}}. Note that functions can be chained, meaning {{variable|function1|function2|function3}} is valid syntax.

The functions that are current supported by default are:

  • trim
  • ucfirst
  • ucwords
  • nl2br
  • strtoupper
  • strtolower
  • htmlspecialchars
  • number_format
  • stripslashes
  • strip_tags
  • md5
  • intval

The following short-hand functions are supported:

  • upper — wrap output in strtoupper
  • lower — wrap output in strtolower
  • escape — escape output
  • e — an alias of escape
  • sup — wrap output in sup tags
  • sub — wrap output in sub tags

Multi-argument functions

ViewFish templates support multi-argument functions in the format {{var|function:arg1:arg2:arg3}}. Currently, you can use the following functions:

  • substr:offset:length, e.g. {{str|substr:3:10}}

Special functions

You can also use the shortcut function ellipsis to trim a string if it exceeds the argument. For example, {{var|ellipsis:18}} will trim and append "..." to a $var only if it exceeds 18 characters in length, including spaces.

{{date|format}} is supported, where format is an unquoted string using the arguments at